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All about that GLASS

All about that GLASS

I’ve been obsessed with stained glass for as long as I can remember. The way it captures the light is nothing short of magical. Back in the year 2000, (can you still remember that far back?) I took a stained glass workshop at the local community college and I was smitten, big time.  I had a lot of fun with it for a few years and then life got in the way. Fast forward to May of 2014, after much contemplation, I finally allowed myself to make the time for a refresher course.


I had to start with the obligatory instructor-chosen project which definitely involved a hummingbird and flower. After that, I found the Art Deco Sunrise pattern and decided to give it a whirl. I was pretty happy with how it turned out considering it was only my second piece in 12+ years. Since I am a creature of comfort, I decided to stick with the same pattern for my next piece which was to be a wedding gift for dear friends. Since the bride loves color, I went a bit brighter for the second version.

I’m still doing my best to squeeze in some glass time! The fuller life gets, the harder it becomes. BUT time spent doing something we love is always worth the investment. I’ve also made a sweet little feather and am currently working on an ongoing project making as many sun-catchers as humanly possible for a local maker’s faire this upcoming November. And just for fun: Art Deco Sunrise v1 goes Disco

Happy New Year! Life is SWEET.

Happy New Year! Life is SWEET.


Okay, I give. It’s not exactly the new year. It’s much more like mid-year or actually, slightly past mid-year. BUT it’s my NEW YEAR and that counts for something. My birthday was 2 weeks ago, so my new year is here!


I’ve been pining after these prints for months. Over a year, actually. I finally bit the bullet today and Charlie & Veruca, will be mine!


I am beyond excited to have these beauties by Heather Buchanan on their way to me. I came across this amazing artist on instagram a couple years ago and have been longingly loving her work, ever since.


I can’t count how many times I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So much that most of the Oompa Loompa songs are permanently engraved on my brain.


I’ve seen the 1971 Gene Wilder classic  dozens of time and it never gets old! Ms. Buchanan’s paintings of the child actors give me all the feels.


Anyone who adores both Bill Murray, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has my heart. These babies will be taking center stage in my living room, real soon. I can’t imagine my childhood without the creations of Roald Dahl.


And now, I can’t imagine my adulthood without the creations of Heather Buchanan. Bravo.